That's how easy you make
First-Time Visitors into Paying and Returning Customers.

Web push notifications are a powerful lever in e-commerce marketing. With PushPanda, you can inform new and returning website visitors and customers about current offers, flash sales, promotions and product availability at any time.

Increase your Traffic and Online Sales with Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are perfect for cost-effective remarketing and retargeting, bringing your subscribers back to the website.

  • Use web push notifications for offers, product availability and new products.
  • Segment your notifications based on personal interests.
  • Automate the sending of notifications.
  • Include PushPanda via RestAPI and connect push subscribers to your customer data.

Interests and Segments

Focus on the interests of your users. With PushPanda, you can store both interests and segments of your visitors.

  • Inform about discounts and availability of goods in the respective segment.
  • Link your notifications to special flash sales and promotions.
  • Send notifications in multiple languages and in the correct time zone.

This is how easy you increase the value of every website visit:
With Web Push Notifications that are NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED.

Are there still Uncertainties?
Then We have some Answers for You Here.

A PushPanda account is created in minutes and integrated into your website. You can start sending notifications with just a few subscribers.

If you want to use PushPanda in a more advanced way, use our interface. The seamless integration into your systems allows you to address your subscribers even more personally with names, interests, preferences and much more.

Web push messaging opens up a whole new way for your business to communicate:

  • You can distribute content faster and in a more targeted way and lead your users directly to relevant content: A win-win situation for everyone - your subscribers and you.
  • Your content gets noticed and read.
  • Your subscribers receive content and don't have to search for it.

Not with PushPanda. You can use our tool for free for one month. We also offer you a permanent free plan. If your needs and requirements or subscriber numbers increase, you can upgrade at any time. Our premium and business plans simplify your work processes and offer additional features. You can find our prices here.

Web Push notifications from PushPanda are DSGVO-compliant and do not store personal data. This also explains the high opt-in rate.

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