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Web push notifications spread your news instantly.
Your readers are always one step ahead.

Send Content to the Right Target Group at the Right Time!

With web push notifications, you rely on state-of-the-art communication and reach your readers anytime and anywhere. Web push notifications offer your readers added value and bring them back to your website.

  • Automate the dispatch of breaking news.
  • Promote your media offerings.
  • Inform your readers about premium content. This is how you generate more revenue for your media portal.

We know What makes your
Media Business successful.

Seamless Integration

Simple login dialogue via embed code or RestAPI from PushPanda.

Optimized Dispatch

Automated dispatch of breaking news
with RSS-to-Push.

Segments & Target Groups

Send personal recommendations, content and news to readers.

Link to Paywall

Lead readers to premium content.

Your Readers are Growing Every Day!

Web push notifications & media are a strong team that affects your visibility.

  • High sign-up rates: up to 15% of new visitors sign up for web push notifications.
  • Returning Visitor affects the organic search result.
  • Turn your "fly-by" readers into online subscribers.

Offer your readers an actual media experience. With PushPanda, it's

Are there still Uncertainties? Then We have some Answers for You Here.

Web push notifications open up a whole new way for your company to communicate:

  • You can distribute content faster and more targeted and lead your users directly to relevant content: A win-win situation for everyone - your subscribers and you.
  • Your content gets noticed and read.
  • Your subscribers receive content and don't have to search for it.

Web-Push Benachrichtigungen sind kleine klickbare Nachrichten, die ein Besucher deiner Website abonnieren kann. Nach erfolgreicher Anmeldung kannst du deinen Push-Abonnenten jederzeit Benachrichtigungen senden. Diese werden auf dem Bildschirm deines Abonnenten angezeigt und mit einem Klick auf die Web-Push Benachrichtigung gelangt der Abonnent auf die in der Nachricht hinterlegte Zielseite.

Web push notifications have a high opt-in rate. In real estate, the sign-up rate is up to 15%, measured by daily traffic.

Web push messages require immediate action from the user, achieving more visibility for your real estate projects. This keeps your prospects, customers and stakeholders up to date.

Web push notifications from PushPanda are DSGVO compliant and do not store any personal data. This also explains the high opt-in rate.

Not with PushPanda. You can use our tool for free for one month. We also offer you a permanent free plan. If your needs and requirements or subscriber numbers increase, you can upgrade at any time. Our premium and business plans simplify your work processes and offer additional features. You can find our prices here.