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Stay one step ahead of your competitors and inform your customers immediately about new properties on the market. With web push news, your prospects and buyers stay on the real estate ball.

Web Push Notifications in Rroperty Rentals or Real Estate Platforms.

Searching for the perfect property is long and leads users to different websites. With web push notifications, you allow your website visitors to be continuously informed about new properties. Get your users back when they are browsing another website.

  • Sign-up rates of up to 20% of new daily website visitors are industry benchmarks.
  • Automate your notifications and inform about updates on your website.
  • Send your push subscribers to contact forms and get more leads.
  • Integrate PushPanda with the latest RestAPI into your real estate software.

The Use of Web Push Notifications in Real Estate Projects

No matter how small or large your real estate project becomes, we'll be with you from the start. Web push notifications reinforce your digital presence throughout the sales phase, engage your generated traffic and provide you with free retargeting/remarketing.

  • Build a new pool of interested buyers.
  • Secure traffic from your online campaigns and inform your target audience about current construction phases.
  • Qualify your push subscribers with push notifications that link to contact forms.

We support you in marketing your real estate projects.
PushPanda makes everything easy!

Are there still Uncertainties? Then We have some Answers for You Here.

Web push notifications open up a whole new way for your business to communicate:

  • You can distribute content faster and more targeted and lead your users directly to relevant content: A win-win situation for everyone - your subscribers and you.
  • Your content gets noticed and read.
  • Your subscribers receive content and don't have to search for it.

Web push notifications are small clickable notifications that a visitor to your website can subscribe to. After a successful subscription, you can send notifications to your push subscribers anytime. They are displayed on your subscriber's screen, and clicking on the web push notification will take the subscriber to the landing page stored in the notifications.

Web push notifications have a high opt-in rate. In real estate, the sign-up rate is up to 15%, measured by daily traffic.

Web push notifications require immediate action from the user to achieve more visibility for your real estate projects. They keep your prospects, customers and stakeholders up to date.

Web Push notifications from PushPanda are DSGVO compliant and do not store any personal data. This also explains the high opt-in rate.

Not with PushPanda. You can use our tool for free for one month. We also offer you a permanent free plan. If your needs and requirements or subscriber numbers increase, you can upgrade at any time. Our premium and business plans simplify your work processes and offer additional features. You can find our prices here.