Develop a New Pool of Interested Parties.

With web push notifcations, you can strengthen all online recruiting touchpoints - no matter when your employees or potential job candidates get acquainted with your company. This way, you can quickly build a new pool of prospects.

Web push directions for employee search/recruiting

There are many touchpoints where potential job candidates come into contact with your company. One key touchpoint is your website. With web push notifications, you offer your website visitors the opportunity to stay updated. That's why it's worth the effort:

  • Your future subscribers do not have to enter any personal data when registering.
  • Daily sign-up rates of up to 15 % of new website visitors are achieved - partly due to the high level of discretion.
  • Web push notifications in recruiting achieve an average CTR of 25%.

Web Push Notifications in Internal Communication

Wherever your employees live and whatever language they speak: You reach them.

  • Reduce language barriers and send your messages in the language of your target group.
  • Send announcements, training videos, news from the intranet with a short & concise push message.
  • Integrate PushPanda into your system and send personalised notifications.

Web Push Notifications make finding Employees easy.
Build a New Pool of Prospects with Web Push.

Why the use of Web Push Notifications makes Sense?

Employee communication, bulletin board, internal communication, job openings, employer branding - the uses of web push in the HR industry are diverse and gaining more attention all the time. Why you should use web push notifications:

  • Web Push is a modern communication tool for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  • The notifications link directly to the desired content (newsletter, new entry in the intranet, etc.).
  • Automated notifications for events, recurring tasks, updates reduce your effort and keep your subscribers informed.

Are there still Uncertainties? Then We have some Answers for You Here.

Web push notifcations open up a whole new way for your business to communicate. You can distribute content faster and in a more targeted manner and lead your users directly to the content.

  1. your content gets noticed and read.
  2. your subscribers receive content and do not have to search for it.
  3. a win-win situation for everyone - your subscribers and you.

Web push notifications are small clickable notifications that a visitor to your website can subscribe to. After a successful subscription, you can send notifications to your push subscribers anytime. They are displayed on your subscribers' screen, and clicking on the web push notification will take the subscriber to the landing page stored in the message.

Web push notifications have a high opt-in rate. In the employee space, the opt-in rate is up to 70% of the entire workforce.
Web Push Notifications require immediate action from the user, achieve more visibility for your content, and build employee loyalty.

Web Push Notifications from PushPanda are GDPR compliant and do not store any personal data. This also explains the high opt-in rate.

Not with PushPanda. You can use our tool for free for one month. We also offer you a permanent free plan. If your needs and requirements grow or your subscriber numbers increase, you can upgrade anytime. Our premium and business plans simplify your work processes and offer additional features. You can find our prices here.

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