Everything you
should know about
Web Push Notifications.

You don't have any experience with web push notifications yet and would like to get started? We'll show you what's important and how to get started with PushPanda 100% successfully.

Let's Start with the Basics.

PushPanda offers you the unique opportunity to send content and news to website visitors. Avoid being blocked, falling victim to a spam filter, or slipping through the social media algorithm. With PushPanda, you can reach your users directly on the screen and bring them back to your website. The new way of remarketing: direct and without detours.

  • With PushPanda, about 15% of your website visitors convert to web push subscribers. This is how modern remarketing for websites works.
  • With each signup you have a measurable result and the number of your prospects grows.
  • Web push notifications respect the privacy of your users.
  • You regularly engage your subscribers with relevant content.

Easily Increase your Website's Visibility:

Returning users are a good indication. Google knows that too.

Increase the Reach of your Online Channels:

With just one click, your users will come to your social media profile. Great for you. Wonderful for your content.

Save Remarketing Costs:

Web push notifications are the perfect addition to your marketing strategy and help you save on remarketing costs.

Increase Sales:

The optimal use of web push notifications grows your business and your revenue.

Take Advantage of the Many Uses of Web Push Notifications!

So you can reach your online goals even faster with web push notifications. No matter which online channel you focus on, web push notifications get your subscribers right. On your website. In your newsletter. On your social media profile. Anywhere that's important and right for you.

...and achieve Amazing Things!

Web Push can adapt to almost any requirement of your online marketing goals.

We support you with the integration and rely on data-driven knowledge. Our success factors are the comprehensive knowledge from the PushPanda community, the collected insights and terrific feedback. On this basis, we continuously develop PushPanda further. Let's start together. You'll be amazed at how quickly your pool of new prospects grows.

  • The excellent use case is to tell users the benefit of subscribing to push notifications.
  • The dosage makes the CTR - communicate with your users at regular intervals.
  • Content with relevance - send notifications that add value to your users.

How to get started with PushPanda.
Three steps will make reaching your online marketing goals much easier and save you time & money.

Sign up on https://app.pushpanda.io and fill your account with all the important details. Once the code is active on your website, you can start collecting push subscribers.

At first glance, creating a web push notification sounds like a lot of work. But it's not because push notifications are not only excellent content converters but also created in no time. The notification is made in just a few steps and can be sent immediately.

Web push notifications are sent in real time and you can track the clicks in your account. This allows you to measure the results of your web push notifications instantly.

Reach Customers, Readers, Employees
and Potential Prospects - PushPanda
makes everything easy.

Content Distribution
made Easy

No matter what content, no matter how many online marketing channels you manage, web push notifications are true content amplifiers, amplifying your activities and providing more visibility.

Social Media

Boost your social media visibility with push notifications and link to your profiles.


Share newsletter content with push subscribers and gain new newsletter subscribers.


Automatically send new blog posts or content to your readers with RSS-to-Push.


Secure a conversion from the first click of new visitors and harness the power of remarketing.

Send Web Push Notifications that Link to your Social Media Profiles, Newsletters, Blog, or Landing Pages.

It's all about Ensuring that Content reaches Customers, Readers, Employees, and Potential New Customers.
PushPanda makes Everything Easy.

Ready in minutes

Quickly Created

You can create a PushPanda account in just a few minutes. Thanks to easy integration, you can collect your first subscribers after a short time.

Easy to Use

Whether it's an online store, tourism, fintech, education or real estate platform - the PushPanda environment offers numerous application possibilities.

Innovative Communication

Short notifications that make you want more. This is how you meet the new communication behavior of your users.

This is how Easy it is to Integrate PushPanda into your Website.

You have a Wordpress website, then use our plug-in and integrate PushPanda in a few minutes. You can find all info here.](https://wordpress.org/plugins/pushpanda-free-web-push-notifications/)

Two clicks and PushPanda is up and running. With the simple embed code and serviceworker, PushPanda will run on your website in just a few clicks. You can find all the info here.

With a few clicks PushPanda is integrated into your Tag Manager. You can find all info here. ](https://support.pushpanda.io/de/articles/6120843-pushpanda-integration)