Reach Existing Customers, Buyers, Readers, Employees, New Customers - simply EVERYONE, anytime, anywhere.

Push notifications are more than small clickable messages. They bring your visitors back to your website, help you achieve your online goals more easily, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Address website
visitors correctly

Stay in good contact with your customers - through the seamless integration of PushPanda and contextual opt-in dialogues.

  • Opt-in dialogues can be easily adapted to your corporate design or corporate identity.
  • No need to store personal data.
  • The high sign-up rate speaks for itself: up to 15% of daily website visitors sign up for Web Push.

Segmentation & Interests

With the Segmentation & Interests feature, you can create your target groups. This allows you to target your push subscribers even more personally. Push notifications with personal relevance are sure to add value to your subscribers and long-term relationships.

  • Query & indication of multiple interests possible.
  • Collect and segment push subscribers via landing pages.
  • Achieve a higher click-through rate from your subscribers through segmentation.

More Clicks. More Reach. More Turnover.
Start NOW!

Templates & Planning

PushPanda offers you a variety of templates in the Inspiration section. So you have a good basis for your push marketing. With PushPanda's planning tool, you can plan notifications well in advance.

  • Choose from different templates in our inspiration library.
  • Plan all content in advance and save time.
  • Make PushPanda work for you every day & secure the attention of potential customers.


Use the simple feature of RSS-to-Push and send automated notifications from your blog, newsroom, or, news platform.

  • Breaking news, new posts and blog entries are sent immediately.
  • Eliminate extra effort with RSS-to-Push.


All numbers at a glance. In the backend of PushPanda,
your personal analytics account.

  • See in real time how many users have received and clicked on your message.
  • See LIVE what conversion rate is being achieved right now.
  • In your Google Account, analyze the results of website visits.


PushPanda offers agencies and publishers an ideal solution with its own TEAM dashboard.

  • unlimited number of customer projects.
  • unlimited number of employee additions.
  • Projects & KPIs at a glance.

Any questions left?
Here you will find some
important answers to
get started with PushPanda
& Web Push Notifications.

NO. You do not require a credit card for the trial period. You can try PushPanda for free for one month and use all resources. Our first-level team is available for questions & answers.

After the trial period, you decide if we can accompany you in your growth or if we part ways.

The free trial period includes all the features that PushPanda offers. With it, you can not only create countless notifications but also schedule all notifications in advance. Let our sales team advise you.

We offer free variants of PushPanda with all features to all NGOs. As a SaaS company, we support the work of volunteers with maximum scope of services.

It's very easy to get started.
And it's free.
The things we love.