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No matter what content you want to distribute, with web push notifications, you will always reach your target group with pinpoint accuracy and no wasted coverage. Online marketing has never been easier.

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We give your online marketing the right PUSH!

6 Reasons why you should rely on
Web Push Notifications now:

Simple Handling

Simple setup and easy-to-understand backend. Your PushPanda account is created and integrated into your website in minutes.

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Boost Sales

Increase your sales, reach, and customer satisfaction with your website visitors. Maximize the success of your online marketing.

Save Costs

We help you save. Instead of wastage in remarketing, we reach your customers directly. With just one click, they come back to your website.

Your Data

Start using your data now and build a pool of prospects. PushPanda subscribers are yours.

Planning & Productivity

The key to good online marketing is planning. Work faster and more structured with PushPanda's planning tool.

Evaluation & Analysis

All the numbers at a glance. Analyze and learn how to better engage your audience with PushPanda's machine learning.

From Startups to Global Businesses:
Companies trust PushPanda!
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Put your money on the
#1 web push platform in tourism and benefit from the many insights.

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The industry thrives on fast and direct news distribution. Web push notifications reach your users directly.

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E-Commerce & Online-Shops

Inform your customers about new products, availability and much more with the easy integration via RestAPI.

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Recruitment & HR industry

Work with today's most popular and best alternative in employee search and internal communications: succeed when email and retargeting have long since failed.

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The Industries of our Customers are diverse.

The goals remain the same: generate leads, re-engage website visitors and strengthen customer loyalty. Our customers reach the right target group at the right time with web push notifications and attractive communication tidbits.

PushPanda makes the Best
out of your Website Traffic:
Four simple Steps to
push your Online Marketing:

Building a new Pool of Prospects - LEAD GENERATION

Offer your customers the possibility to subscribe to web push notifications. This way you can stay in touch with your customers.

Targeting -

Send exciting news to your subscribers and create more interest in your products, articles or services.

Boost Sales -

Increase your sales with targeted sales push notifications. So easy, you can sell your products online.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty -

Don't forget mine. With push notifications, you stay in the memory of your customers and you can strengthen your relationship with your customers.

It's very easy to get started.
And it's free.
The Things We Love.

We proudly present:
Customer Testimonials

"With web push notifications from PushPanda, we can reach our customers anytime & anywhere. The multiple uses help us reach our website visitors quickly and easily through another channel. This allows us to increase our reach."


Christoph Martel, Entrepreneur

"Our web push notifications are now sent to around 30,000 users worldwide and are a fixed part of our online marketing."

Tourist Board Tux-Finkenberg


"For us, push notifications are the right way to inform quickly and easily, to arouse curiosity and interest in us. With this simple and clear tool, we stay in touch with our website visitors and attract them to our site again and again."

Hotel Quelle
Nature Spa Resort

Irmi Steidl Rainer

"PushPanda is a great way to pick up (potential) guests with exciting information on short notice and without complications."

Hotel Nesslerhof



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