The tense economic situation is a problematic situation for many entrepreneurs. While job seekers face many openings, employers fight for the best talent. Employees are one of the critical success factors for a company, and the shortage of skilled workers is hitting many industries particularly hard.

That's why companies are turning to new technologies to build an additional pool of prospects in the medium and long term. Web push messages have already proven to be a good lever for conversions in marketing products and services, and many companies are also using them to find employees.

Why is the use of web push messages worthwhile?

If you look at the touchpoints in the recruiting process, potential employees often come into contact with a company several times before it comes to applying. In very few cases, seekers share details, especially in the initial stages. Web push messages do not require private information; only opt-in to receive messages.


1. Offer potential candidates the opportunity to stay in the loop via push messages.

In practice, most companies target potential candidates using various ad formats and direct them to specific landing pages or career pages. On these pages, you should be able to sign up for web push because not every visitor to your website will immediately apply to you or find the proper vacant position. With web push messages from PushPanda, you can quickly build a pool of potential employees and regularly inform them about new jobs.

2. Build your employer branding

Job ads alone will rarely get you noticed as a good employer. Use web push messages for your employer branding and regularly inform about benefits, employee experiences and awards. It's all about the mix of job ads, employee stories and benefits that quickly make you attractive as a potential new employer.

3. Use the AIDA principle to structure the WebPush notification of your job ads or Keep it short and straightforward.

The AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) has also proven successful for web push messages.

  • Attention: You should achieve this with your headline and the fact that you are sending a web push message.

  • Interest and Desire: You could use the following lines of your message for these two points.

  • Action: You should always conclude your web push message with a good call to action.

At the same time, we recommend: Keeping web push messages as short as possible. The trick is to fit the essential points into 2-3 lines to bring potential applicants back to your website. Web push messages with a photo are clicked much more often. Therefore, we recommend you include images for the employee search in your next photo shoot. These pictures should match your company and have a high recognition value.