Hotel marketing has changed dramatically in recent decades. Analog marketing still takes place, but a large part of the budget goes to online marketing. Those who do online marketing professionals know that advertising spending can often be immeasurable, and the return on investment is often less than satisfactory.

This is how easy it is to use web push notifications to attract new guest contacts.

Today we present an efficient and effective tool that saves your online marketing expenses and makes remarketing and retargeting accurate: Web Push Notifications by PushPanda. With Web-Push notifications, you can quickly build new guest contacts.

Web push notifications are wrongly classified as annoying and disruptive. Used correctly, your subscribers will be happy to receive notifications - just as on other social media channels. It all comes down to the correct dose and relevance to the target audience. If both are right, web push notifications will be perceived as a tremendous value-added service.

Similar to newsletters, web push notifications are sent only after your subscriber signs up or consents. However, the subscription rate is at least ten times higher than newsletters! This guarantees you a fast-growing community of readers. The click rates for push messages range between 5 - 15 % - depending on the occasion & target group. With targeted web push messages, you convince potential guests of your product. The most significant advantage: you can reach your subscribers again and again with charming and exciting messages.

The following graphic illustrates the success of PushPanda considerably. Hotel A has been using PushPanda since April 2022 and acquired a total of 1022 Push subscribers in the period April - July. In June 2022, various Google Ads were used, and the growth was significantly higher than average.


As with all advertising media, targeting prospects as precisely as possible is essential and addressing their needs is essential. For this reason, you should already query the interests with the opt-in for a later selection to send a targeted push notification. The query of interests is not a must but an option that helps you to increase the click rate. The ultimate goal of Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and co is to drive prospects to the website. While these forms of advertising also allow remarketing campaigns, Web Push has some merits.

  1. By actively signing up for your push service

  2. By actively announcing your interests.

Thus, scattering losses are eliminated and beautify your marketing budget.

Use Web-Push for social media posts and newsletter subscriptions to identify users.

Companies can also use Web Push very well to increase the reach of social media posts. With a web push notification to existing subscribers, their attention can be drawn to the respective social media profile on the one hand and a specific post. Once the subscriber likes the post or profile after the broadcast, the interacting web push subscribers also get a face and a name. This information subsequently provides a reasonable basis for further marketing activities on the respective social media channel.