Good News! <br>Things are moving forward. This new feature significantly increases the reach of web push messages. Once this Web Push feature goes live on iPhones and iPad, you'll finally be able to target all website visitors accurately. A few figures to make you aware of the scope: IOS has a market share of almost one-third of mobile Internet usage in Germany. In Austria, a quarter and a fifth of all mobile Internet access comes from an IOS device.

After initial tests, the new function still raises questions, such as how will integration take place or what will the concrete opt-in dialogue look like (native or with a button for consent)? What are the development steps in different IOS versions?

An experimental environment means the feature is in the testing phase for both Apple and developers. Currently, it is still open when iOs will fully support Web Push. However, we hope close to the next update in September 2022 and the new iOS 16 version.

We'll keep you updated here so you don't miss any news about the launch of web push notifications on iOS.