Most wanted: tourism professionals (m/f/d)

The search for employees is currently one of the biggest challenges in tourism. For a long time, personnel marketing, i.e. the search for talent, has taken up a considerable part of the marketing budget. Sometimes it almost gives the impression that companies must apply for skilled workers. The better the company's overall offering, the more likely it is that this company's broad offering will fill vacant positions.

Why is Web Push the best tool for finding employees in tourism?

So the levers are similar to those used in online marketing. Offer your job prospects a first-class service with Web Push and keep them up to date with exciting push messages.

Targeting helps you build an initial bond and gives employees a feel for the prospective employer. For the current generation of employees, factors such as the working atmosphere, the opportunity for further development and the work-life balance are becoming increasingly important in addition to paying. In addition to classic push messages about job openings, we recommend building employer brands that anchor the company as a "nice place to work" in the minds of applicants. The advantage of web push subscriptions: You can present yourself authentically as a company over a long period and give potential applicants an insight into your corporate culture and the working environment.

Addressing the right target group

Clear messages, lots of emotion and authenticity. Web push messages should make you LUST for more and, above all, appeal to the target group. The challenge here is to hit the language of the applicants and, at the same time, stay true to your own company. It's best to ask for interest when you sign up. This way, you can pre-select your subscribers according to areas where you regularly look for employees. This way, you can accurately address your target groups and offer personally relevant information.

How much does the JOB-PUSH ABO cost?

Web-Push is one of the cheapest and most effective methods because you can send unlimited push messages to your potential job candidates for as little as 9 Euros per month.

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