Web push messages are known to be delivered only after consent. So your subscribers have to opt into your content actively. It is a common requirement of browsers, and basically, there are two significant ways to design the opt-in dialogue. As always, both options have their pros and cons.

  1. Native signup: More website visitors enrol to web push messages.

  2. Modal signup: Here, the website visitor registers via a double opt-in. For this, only people who are interested sign up.

The most significant advantages of native web push signup

 One of the enormous pros of native signup: You can achieve more enrollments via native signup. This is partly due to a clear and short call to action. With this signup form, subscribers can sign up for your web push messages with a single click. So, the signup process is as easy and convenient as possible. With good website traffic, you can quickly achieve good subscription numbers.

The most significant advantages of modal web push signup

While native web push signup scores high in quantity, modal web push signup has significant advantages regarding signup quality. This signup variant relies on double opt-in and formally excludes accidental or hasty enrollments. Here, only those people who are interested in receiving push notifications from you sign up. So on the signup page or in the signup pop-up, you should clearly describe the benefit of your web push messages. But here, you also have the opportunity to do so. Subsequently, your subscribers will know what they're getting into and consciously decide to receive information from you.

Why you might decide against native integration

Some modern browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge, no longer support this login method, and your website visitors won't be able to sign in. Now it's up to you to justify your subscribers' trust and deliver good content.

Our Tip:

What's the right or better way for you depends on your goals.

- If you want to build a pool of prospects quickly, go for native engagement.

- Those who are more interested in the quality of users should use modal dialogue.

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