Most wanted: Professionals in tourism (m/f/d). Web Push is by far the smartest tool for Recruiting.

This way, you can always keep prospects and potential job candidates happy with engaging push notifications about job openings, employer brand, and experiences.

A New Approach to
Employee Recruitment.

Web push notifications are a good lever in tourism marketing and are used to market products. So why not use them for active employee recruitment as well?

The customer journey in the recruiting process is similarly lengthy as in acquiring new guests. That's why web push is becoming more and more critical, as website visitors have the option to subscribe to push notifications. Especially in the new or reorientation phase, employees want to remain anonymous. The subscription figures for Web Push also confirm this. The advantages are obvious:

  • Build a new and up-to-date pool of job candidates. Push subscribers are always up to date.
  • Subscribing to push notifications for websites does not require the disclosure of personal data.
  • Link to social media profiles
  • Inform your subscribers about current job offers on an ongoing basis
  • Create interests that subscribers can manage on their own.
  • Expand your employer branding.

This is how easy you start employee search with web push notifications from PushPanda.

You can easily create your account here or send us a short notification and we will take care of everything for you.

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Start your push service for new employees and create some notifications in the PushPanda backend in advance. This will make everything easy and automated, and you can take care of the important things.


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