Ski Resorts, Ski Rentals, and Ski Schools -
ALL rely on the POWER of
Web Push Notifications.

Web push notifications inform your guests and prospects. This way, you will be remembered and simply do cool remarketing.

The Use of Web Push Notifications in Ski Resorts

Web push notifications allow you to inform your guests quickly and without much effort. With this, you use a tool that corresponds to the communication behaviour of your visitors.

  • Inform your users about news from your ski resort like new slopes, attractions or new ski lifts.
  • Link to your social media profiles.
  • Inform about changed opening hours.
  • Automate the sending of snow reports and open lifts.
  • Push your events in the ski area.
  • Inform about the current weather conditions.

Give Your Events more PUSH!

Web Push notifications help you promote your events more effectively. You can use web push notifications to highlight each stage of your event and stay in constant contact with your community.

  • Event Announcement.
  • Tickets available online NOW.
  • Last tickets available.
  • Change of program

Set on Web Push Notifications when it comes to Effective Employee Search.

With web push notifications, you have a tool that can do a lot of things for you - including finding employees. While other tools like social media and job platforms fail, with Web Push, you can build a new pool of prospects with Web Pushes.

  • Inform about open positions with the Job Alert.
  • Focus on employer branding and report on the daily work routine.
  • Pushe benefits that potential candidates expect.

What makes PushPanda so unique? A large community, an extensive inspiration database and the tremendous support from real people.

Still have Questions? Here are Some Answers that will make Your Decision to Use Web Push Notifications easier.

Web push notifications open up a whole new way for your company to communicate:

  • You can distribute content faster and more targeted and lead your users directly to relevant content: A win-win situation for everyone - your subscribers and you.
  • Your content gets noticed and read.
  • Your subscribers receive content and don't have to search for it.

Not with PushPanda. You can use our tool for free for one month. We also offer you a permanent free plan. If your needs and requirements or subscriber numbers increase, you can upgrade at any time. Our premium and business plans simplify your work processes and offer additional features. You can find our prices here.

IMMEDIATELY. A PushPanda account is created in minutes and integrated into your website. You can start sending notifications with just a few subscribers.

If you want to use PushPanda in a more advanced way, use our interface. The seamless integration into your systems allows you to address your subscribers even more personally with names, interests, preferences and much more.

Web push notifications from PushPanda are DSGVO compliant and do not store any personal data. This also explains the high opt-in rate.

Find out More and Learn how to get the Most out of PushPanda here.

Whether Ski Resort, Ski Rental, or Ski School - we give your BUSINESS the right PUSH!